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SOME BY MI Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask 100g

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Matcha Pore Clay Mask is 10 in 1 pore care that helps with a simple but definite pore care

It is a soft clay formulation that feels moisturized, and is applied on the skin as creamy as like ice cream.

10 Effect : black head care, white head care, skin waste care, dead skin care, excessive sebum care, skin texture care, skin soothing, pore elasticity, moisture supply, oil and moisture care.

Step-by-step pore care in 4 Steps : 1step - pore opening, 2step - pore emptying, 3step - pore filling, 4step - pore tightening.

️ Contains 102,000 ppm of Super Matcha Water to cleanse the skin and care for the elasticity of pores.

️ BHA soothes the skin and gently dissolves dead skin cells without irritation.

️ Containing 120,000ppm of clay, it has excellent sebum adsorption ability and cleanly cares for impurities in pores.

️ Centella, Tea Tree Leaf Water, Eoseongcho powder, and Cypress Leaf Extracts help calm the skin.

️ Contains Glacial Water and Carbonated Water to fill the emptied pores with moisture.


🔍Key Ingredient_01
✔️Super content, Super tightening “Super Matcha 102,000 ppm!”
→ After leaf veins and stems of the Matcha are removed, Matcha is dried in a steamer and grinded into a fine powder.
Super content, 102,000 ppm of Matcha water cleanses the skin and takes care of elasticity of the pores.

🔍Key Ingredient_02
✔️Gentle exfoliation “BHA(White Willow Bark Extract)”
→ BHA is a typical component for exfoliating that helps with calming skin. A naturally sourced BHA, White Willow Bark Extract melts the dead skin cells without having to worry about irritation.

🔍Key Ingredient_03
✔️Powerfully absorb sebum, impurities “Clay”
→ Clay is highly effective in absorbing, thus takes care of the sebum, impurities deeply rooted inside the pores, leaving refreshing feeling. Experience the strong power of 120,000 ppm of clay!

🔍Key Ingredient_04
✔️All gathered for calming! “Centella asiatica, Tea Tree, Houttugnia Cordata, Chamaecyparis Obtusa”
→ Matcha Pore Clay Mask is contained with Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Tree Leaf water, Houttuynia Cordata powder, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, which are good for calming skin. Do not miss any of pore, dead skin cell care, and skin calming effect!

🔍Key Ingredient_05
✔️Moisturize the empty pore! “Glacial water, sparkling water”
→ When the impurities inside the pores suddenly disappear, the skin produces excessive sebum and oil to fill the empty space. Glacial water and sparkling water fill the pore with full moisture, making sure the cleansed pores stay calm.

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After cleansing, dry your face and apply a clay mask on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth.

After 10-20 minutes, when the contents are completely dry, gently roll and rinse with lukewarm water in a rolling motion.

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